Carbon Steel Slip-On Plate Flange ASTM A105

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Product Name :Slip On Plate Flange,Plate flange for welding
Size:1/2"-48" DN15-DN1200
Sealing surface: Raised Face (RF), Full Face (FF)
Varieties: Class 150lb -Class 2500lb; PN2.5;PN6;PN10;PN16;PN25;PN40; 5K,10K,16K,20K
Material: Carbon steel ASTM A105. ASTM A350,Q235,P245GH
Standard AWWA C207 ;GOST12820,GOST33259;DIN2501,DIN2502,DIN2503;JIS B2220, JIS B2238; BS 4504,BS10;EN1092-1
Surface;Anti-rust oil, clear lacquer, Black lacquer, Yellow lacquer,hot-dipped Galvanized,electrical galvanized
Connection;Welding, Threaded
Technical Forged, Casting
Application;Water works, Shipbuilding industry, Petrochemical & Gas industry, Power industry, Valve industry,and general pipes connecting projects etc.
Package;"1. Wooden Case  2. As Customers' Requirements"

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Product Name Slip On Plate Flange,Plate flange for welding
Size 1/2″-48″  DN15-DN1200
Varieties Class 150lb -Class 2500lb
Material Carbon steel ASTM A105. ASTM A350,Q235,P245GH
Stainless steel F304/304L, F316/316L,321
Standard AWWA C207
JIS B2220, JIS B2238
BS 4504,BS10
Surface Anti-rust oil, clear lacquer, Black lacquer, Yellow lacquer,hot-dipped Galvanized,electrical galvanized
Connection Welding, Threaded
Technical Forged, Casting
Application Water works, Shipbuilding industry, Petrochemical & Gas industry, Power industry, Valve industry,and general pipes connecting projects etc.
Package 1. Wooden Case
2. As Customers’ Requirements

Product Introduction

Carbon steel slip on plate flange is a type of flat welding flange made of carbon steel. It is a commonly used flange connection equipment, commonly used to connect equipment such as pipelines, valves, pumps, etc. It consists of two flange plates and sealing gaskets.


1. Material: Made of carbon steel material, with good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance.

2. Structure: The flange plate is welded flat, with straight inner holes and fixed holes at both ends, making it easy to connect with other equipment.

3. Sealing: The sealing between the flange and gasket can effectively prevent fluid leakage.

4. Welding mode: Flat welding mode is used for connection, with smooth and firm welds that can withstand high pressure and temperature.

5. Scope of application: Widely used in the industrial field, especially suitable for conveying pipelines of high-pressure, high-temperature, and high viscosity media.

Advantages and disadvantages:


1. Price economy: Compared to flanges made of other materials, carbon steel flanges have a relatively lower price and are suitable for projects with limited budgets.

2. High strength: Carbon steel has high strength and stiffness, which can meet some demanding engineering applications.

3. Good wear resistance: Carbon steel has good wear resistance and is suitable for some working conditions with high wear, such as ore processing, chemical industry, and other industries.

4. Good processing performance: Carbon steel is easy to process and manufacture, and can be customized and processed according to needs.


1. Poor corrosiveness: Carbon steel is prone to oxidation and corrosion, especially in humid or chemical environments, which can easily cause corrosion.

2. Large weight: Carbon steel has a relatively high density, so carbon steel flanges are relatively heavy and not suitable for projects with high weight requirements.

3. Relatively short lifespan: Due to the susceptibility of carbon steel to corrosion, the lifespan of carbon steel flanges is relatively short.
In summary, carbon steel flat welding flanges have the advantages of lower price, high strength, and good processing performance, but they also have the disadvantages of poor corrosion and relatively short lifespan, which need to be selected according to specific engineering needs.


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